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Enter Bird Island in Angry Birds Evolution – a visually stunning RPG with hundreds of new Angry Birds to collect. It’s up to you to assemble an unstoppable team of evolved super birds, battle and kick the pigs out of Bird Island.
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Nov 23, 2022
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Angry Birds are back and this time it’s not a movie, it’s not a tropical drink nor an amusement park. This time, oh surprise, it’s a game! You got it, Angry Birds is already a big license and it has its fan base as well as its detractors and since 2009 we have been blessed with 17 Angry birds games including the spin offs, so why not another one? That’s why we have go another Angry birds game and its an Angry Birds Evolution.

The game Angry Birds Evolution is now much closer to the animation movies than the original cartoonish game. This means that the game is in 3D and the gameplay is obviously influenced by that. You’re now playing on what could be called a ring, with enemies inside and your characters on the border. Just like a game of pool, you throw your characters at them while trying to deal as much damage as possible. Each character has specific powers and strengths and you’ll be able to compose your team depending on your strategy, just like in the old game. Don’t worry, there is no need for a real strategy, in the end we didn’t feel much difficulty completing any level.

How to Get Unlimited Coins,Gems and Crystal in Angry Birds Evolution.

Its an online game so unlimited money MOD is not possible however you can grab hack MOD APK of Angry Birds Evolution which will give you instant one hit kill and unlimited health.

Angry Birds Evolution MOD runs on two systems we’re very much used to on today’s market: An energy system which will limit your play time and a gatcha system to acquire new birds. Regarding the energy consumption, the game was designed to be played casually. In our opinion you won’t feel the need to play this game in an intensive way. The gatcha system now could be bothersome, since we know that this system is specifically designed to better monetize a game. The characters are cute and you can cumulate up to 5 birds in your team. Clearly the younger audience is targeted, especially if those characters are part of the TV series and movies IPs.

A little note concerning the characters, some of the piggies seem to be highly inspired from the avengers characters, we think it is a nice little note, just like when Rovio partnered with Activision for their Star Wars game. Rovio did not forget to align itself with the concurrence and you will also be able to battle other users in a PVP mode and rank your performance in and Arena. Nothing too new, this model is now a standard in mobile gaming.

Overall, we feel that Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK couldn’t be called a money grab game and even if it was trying, it’s not trying very hard. It’s a nice casual game, visually fitting for the younger audience. The cut scenes in the game feel like a little movie, it is cute and fun. if you feel like unleashing your rage on poor animals, we’d rather have you downloading this game.

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