Another Case Solved Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Hack Unlimited Candies Truck

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If I were to describe Another Case Solved to Get Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Hack Unlimited Candies Truck. I would soon be left without superlatives. It is indeed an incredible game and very difficult to beat especially later. So I decided to create this article filled with other tricks from Case Solved: in fact, a set of tips and tricks and a game guide that will help you get 3-star ratings on all cases and fail the least possible.

And since a detective is not that easy, go straight to action with our tips and tricks from Another Case Solved! (Google Play Store Link).

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Another Case Solved Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Become a famous detective and get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy in Another Case Solved, the latest game from AT Games, the creators of Puzzle Craft. Now let’s follow it:

1. Collect as many Money during the match three games

There are two different types of items you can collect in the Match Three game in Another Case Solved: basics (such as footprints, question marks, etc.) and specials such as proofs (maps, Fingerprints, etc.). You can not have too much of each, so try to collect as much – start with huge chains of clues to reward you with more evidence. Then try to collect evidence only when you have available lines, otherwise, you will essentially move movements. It’s easier said than done, so be sure to use your skills and tools to help you achieve that goal. Not to mention the fact that the more you have at the end of the deal, the more your bonus is important.

Spend your money wisely

Do not go mad about a fashion change for your detective. The appearance of your detective has no real purpose with regards to improving the game. This is a fun feature, but there really are more useful ways to spend money. Some furniture, for example, will give you access to more cases, propelling the game’s story. But if you really want this fedora, then no one will stop you.

2. Check for future requirements

You can not progress on the three match table if you reach a suspect and do not meet the requirements of the article. In this case, be sure to always look for this bar and see what requirements are coming. If the suspects are already on the top bar, the items you collect will count even if you have not reached them. If they are not, you will only see the required proof-of-evidence icon and you should try not to remove the contents of the table to make things easier when the suspects appear.

3. Unlocking skills and tools and replenishing them

Fortunately, you can buy all the skills and tools (and get additional uses) for gambling dollars, the base currency you earn in realizing the cases. Be sure to always fill them in and have them there for use when you have no other options. In many cases, they saved my life in the game, so do not be afraid to use them!

4. Repeat failed cases

You have the ability to replicate an important case, so do not worry about failing them. If the situation is bad from the start and you have not been able to get enough evidence or clues to help you during the investigation, it is best to drop the case and reboot that lose tools Valuable and money. Start fresh and hopefully be lucky.

5. How to complete the Object Search section

When you arrive at a house, looking for objects, you will have a limited time to find this item and plenty of places to explore. The secret here is to keep an eye on your “meter of intuition” that is right next to the coin: the higher the green counter, the more you look for the object. Each time you receive the “closer” message, it means you are moving closer and moving in the right direction. A message like “Continue to watch” means that you are receiving a father, then go back to the previous place and try to get a “closer” message. As soon as you arrive in the right room, you will have to search the objects. Use a tool to search faster or use your instinct again to search for the item (usually, they are “hidden” in logical places – aka a report inside an envelope in a drawer).

6. Get new skills on Pin Pinboard

When you raise the level in another resolved case, you win stars. These can be used to unlock new skills or tools and they can be extremely useful. Be sure to check all and unlock those you feel that you will most need. It will not be easy to get them all and so be very selective. Tip: Get the skills of Squad Car Patrol and query them first, they will really help!

7. Do not spend money on your appearance

At first, it might seem that you get all the nice bonuses and goodies and you have all the money in the world. This is not true because many of the items you need are very expensive. Never invest money in changing your appearance. Instead, spend to replenish your skills and power up and get new furniture.

8. What furniture to obtain

As it is quite expensive, you need to make sure that you get the most useful furniture first. The Cabinet Battered would be a good starting point since you will earn more per case, as well as most items in the “Basic Furniture” category. The phone is also very good because you can buy candy to watch commercials. Do not get the Dressing Room furniture until you have a sum of money because they will not really help you with the main game.

9. How to Succeed in Interrogation

It’s about asking the right questions. Look at your suspects and ask questions that will eliminate most people. Do not forget either that any additional question. It will cost 1 more proof, so plan ahead. In case of doubt, you can always eliminate the suspects using power-ups.

That would be our strategy guide for Another Case Solved. If you have other tips and tricks to share, let us know by commenting below!

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