Dictator: Emergence – Cheats, Tips, Tricks, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

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Dictator: Emergence is the latest game in the line of Tigrido Dictator simulations for iOS and Android platforms. This makes it perfect medium between very simply Dictator: Outbreak / Revolt, and the slightly more complicated dictator 2, the fusion of the original not-angry-the-entities game-play with the management of the money of things . Read on for some tips and tricks to Dictator: Emergence! Get this game on Google Play Store | Apple App Store.Dictator Emergence – Cheats, Tips, Tricks, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

The goal is to go as long as possible without angering any of your factions enough for them to start a revolution and throw you out of power, which requires a delicate balance between making each faction angry and throw them a bone time to time to prevent them from rebelling. Read each question carefully, even if it is a short one, and try to think about how this will affect each of the factions.

Money is the most important thing to have because it can get you out of a lot of bad points, and every decision you make costs money. Press the store area to buy more, or press the button free to watch an advertisement in exchange for free 50,000 species. Once it is finished, you can X on the black market, click again, and the cash available icon will appear again. You can do this indefinitely and earn more and more money.

The other way to get money is the dictatorial pension fund. At its basic level, it can store up to 500,000 dollars before it ceases to earn more money. As you update it will be able to hold more money, and the money he earns per second also increase.

Win over ten X with both a specific faction to earn even more bonus cash. For each X, you will gain 20,000 extra money per turn. Do not put other factions may revolt in order to make it happy faction, though, or the money will end up being useless.

You start the game with five indices. The use of a will not only give you the results of all the answers so you can see the results before you choose, but neither choice will cause you to lose popularity with one of the factions; you will do nothing but gain popularity. Also, if you win the popularity and demand of the waves from the balcony, always take the chance; which generally adds an X classification of everyone ….

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