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Egg Inc mod apk is here and its time to check a Excellent Egg Inc guide for some tips and tricks,  Egg, Inc hacks as it’ Egg, Inc cheats also there’s cheat codes  to help you get your egg production and running. His Clickers agriculture mothers eggs of time, not yolks it up!

Egg, Inc. is a new clicker game for iOS and Android with a rather innovative mechanic for a clicker game. Egg Inc is an interesting game that is part tapper, and management of resources over time. Starting the game can be a little confusing, but the first thing you want to go is hold the chicken button until you run out of newborns. Each tap sends a chicken to the chicken coop. There the hens lay eggs, and as they lay eggs, you make more money. Money can then be used for all kinds of upgrades that result in more chickens, more eggs and more money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Egg, Inc!Egg, Inc - Hack, Cheats, Tips, Tricks (Egg inc hack) (Egg inc tips)

Egg Inc – Hack, Cheats, Tips, Tricks (Egg inc hack) (Egg inc tips)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A question that has been asked by countless numbers of people around the world, scientists for scientists, and nobody seems to be able to give a very specific answer to it. Besides the question, chickens and eggs are very important to us. We humans consume almost on a daily basis. You now live in the near future, and demand for chicken and eggs has skyrocketed, so you do what anyone else would do and start your own chicken farm, in a game called Egg, Inc. Enjoy the application and enter the egg gold in 2016!

Collecting money and eggs.

Besides the standard method of collecting money through how your large egg farm is there some other ways to rake in lots of money. The first is the additional videos. In most games you do not see a great benefit to watch videos, but in Egg Inc greatly rewarded you for your time.

This is a way to get lots of eggs without spending money, in some cases, I got almost 100 eggs to watch a video. Payment is random, it could be eggs or it could be a giant pile of money that adjust based on your current income level.

The second place you’ll collect a nice pile of money or random box of eggs that will be periodically dropped. You can get it by typing on the box in front of your firm or by tapping the icon in the upper right corner of the game screen.
You might look over these but tap drones as you see flying by. Drones can carry cash or eggs for you, and they are great after you have spent all your money when you are not pulling in a lot of money for your farm.

More Ways to earn cash 

Whenever you see a quad-copter drones flying around, press it and you earn free money, equal to the number of chickens that are in your hen houses at the current moment. Also, look for bonus icons will appear on the right side of the screen; when you press the random bonus, you’ll get loads of cash all at once.

You want to load a free instant cash? Go to the settings of your phone and set the time ahead whatever time you want – one hour is usually good. Then return to the game and you’ll immediately cash out free online. Make all the upgrades you can afford, add more chickens in the hen house, and then do it again the same trick for the even more free money. Repeat as often as you want and as you can.


Suggested starting Skill trees

Trees can be a little confusing, so let’s try to clear the first two items to give you an idea of the trees you want to start every time you start a farm with a cool skill tree.

Tier 1

Comfortable NestsIncrease Egg laying rate by 10%
Nutritional SupplementsIncrease Egg Value By 25%
Better IncubatorsHatcher will refill 10% faster
Excitable Chickens0.1% Egg value bonus for each chicken


On leaving, you want to focus on Nest comfortable or nutritional supplements. These two skills increase the overall efficiency of the money from your farm. There is no need to put the money in better incubators until you need points to advance to the next skill tree. Excitable chickens is “ok” if you have the advantages Epic Epic Multiplier chuckle or later.

Tier 2

Hen House RemodelIncrease capacity of all habs by 5%
Internal HatcheriesEach hen house adds 2 additional chickens
Padded PackagingIncreases earnings per egg by 25%
Hatchery ExpansionIncreases hatchery capacity by 10
Bigger EggsDoubles egg value

In level 2, you want to focus on packaging padded and larger eggs to increase your income. If you did not max on Tier 1, the highest level of option 2 is Henhouse or extension hatchery that they allow you to put more chickens in buildings. Internal Hatcheries is good if you plan to be away from the game for a while because it will slowly add chicken while you are away.

One thing to keep in mind as you go through the other levels, it requires you to spend points before the trees unlock. This does not mean you have to go through each individual skill tree, there is a collective pool of spent points.

I recommend usually skip most of the trees level 3 skills first and focusing on maxing the 1st, 2nd and 4th skill tree unless you need the points to the 5th skill tree. The only thing to grasp immediately is increasing the size of the fleet to add a truck, and upgrade internal hatchery.

This should give you a good idea of how to use the normal skill trees. In the epic skill tree is more than what suits your style of play. I personally am a fan of Hold Hatch for increasing the number of chickens out every second you hold the button and the upgrade laboratory research for reduced rates.

More Egg, Inc Tips and Tricks:

  • Considering buying eggs? Wait until your egg Piggy Bank surpasses The Big Crate. So you can get the same or more eggs for almost half the price.
  • Tap the check list to check current missions, these are great for farming eggs.
  • Go to the next egg type as soon as possible, you don’t keep your money or skills.
  • Tap the lighting bolt to open the boost menu – Tap the 2x multiplier to increase your money earned for 4 hours.
  • Try maxing out all the “Reduce” epic skills to make each restart quicker.
  • Upgrade your shipping trucks last and only when you’re close to running out of room.


Egg, Inc. Hack and Cheats

Egg, Inc. Hack will allow you to get all the in-app purchases for free. To hack Egg, Inc. you just need to enter cheat codes. Below you will see all the cheats we have to hack Egg, Inc .. These Cheats for Egg, Inc. works on all iOS and Android devices. It also works without Jailbreak Hack (JB) or Racine. Now you do not have to download Hack Tool, you can just use our tips. If you do not know how to enter cheat codes in the game Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc  in-app purchases 

Here’s we shared Egg, Inc latest working InApp Purchases…

  1. Truckload of Golden Eggs$19.99
  2. Pro Permit$4.99
  3. Pallet of Golden Eggs$9.99 
  4. Crack open Piggy$2.99
  5. Crate of Golden Eggs$4.99

Egg Inc Mod Apk download (MOD, Golden Eggs)

Download here egg inc mod apk for your Android phone. 

Developer: Auxbrain Inc
Android version: Android 4.0
Size: 28 MB

Download Now

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