Fake GPS for Pokemon GO APK (Fake GPS Pokemon GO)

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Download Fake GPS for Pokemon GO APK for Pokemon GO GP Hack. If you have an Android device, you can use the Fly GPS  for Pokemon GO without Moving in Android and the ability to auto walk around using a joystick. (No ROOT required!). If you want auto walk, then use

However, if you do not have root and you just want to steal your GPS on your Android, you can use GPS to Fake Pokemon Go. Now, this application seems to have been banished from Play Store, but you can grab the APK below to manually install and enjoy Pokemon GO in your sofa. Now, this application gives you no joysticks or something like that and needs to constantly go back with Pokemon Go to change your GPS position, but it does not work and will do the job if you absolutely need to hack Pokemon GO.

How to Use Fake GPS for Pokemon GO (Fake GPS Pokemon GO)

  1. Download and install FakeGPSforPokemonGO APK from below.
  2. Open Fake GPS for Pokemon GO.
  3. Select a Fake Location(Let’s say “London”)
  4. For better rates in finding pokemons, lets go to a park.
  5. Click the “Set Location” button to active, click again o it doesn’t lock your GPS.
  6. Let’s check if it works opening Google maps.
  7. Now i’m in London, in a blink of an eye.
  8. Open Pokemon GO, now it should load the Fake Location.
  9. Now Enjoy you game with Fake GPS Pokemon GO.
  • It was next to a circle in real life.
  • Again, active and deactivate, so you don’t get “Failed to detect location”.


The description of Fake GPS for Pokemon GO

Change your location virtually! You can go to London in a click. This application is a must have for Pokemon Go! You can visit other cities and get their greatness in the game, its simple and intuitive interface that allows you to change your position very quickly.


GET GOOD GPS RECEPTION: In order to to use fake GPS without problems, you should get a stable Real GPS reception. If you have bad reception, you will teleported to your real location, once the fake is deactivated.

Error 1: Failed to detect location.

  1. To fix this, head out to the app.
  2. Just simple deactive your current “Set Location”.
  3. Just wait a couple sseconds.

Error 2: GPS signal not found.

  1. The appearing of this error may crash your game..
  2. Go back to the app and quickly change to a very close position.
  3. In a moment, the error should go away.

Download APK

.Download Fake GPS for Pokemon Go APK

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