11+ Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Win Every Race

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is an old-school smash-hit for the iOS and Android platforms, and the long-awaited sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2, has predictably shot to the top of the download charts in a short period of time. You can unlock vehicles, earn coins and gems, power up each vehicle to get further into each level and compete against tougher and tougher players. Read on for 11+ Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Win Every Race!

1: Proper handling of jumps can make or break a race. Use the left pedal to tilt the nose of your vehicle down and use the right pedal to tilt the nose of your vehicle upward. On flat ground, the left pedal acts as a break and the right pedal acts as the gas, so a quick and accurate pedal change is required to succeed. Tilt your vehicle to land as flat as possible each time.


2: Use the coins you earn to keep your vehicle upgrade. Upgrade your engine for increased speed, grip to improve ground power (especially on the hills), suspension for better jump capability, and AWD for better two-wheel drive, regardless of the wheels touching. floor.

3: Do not improve each character unequally, though. Keep the four features uniformly improved for a combination of speed and controllability. Improve your engine too far and you’ll get into a bad situation every time. Update your grip or AWD too high too soon and you will not notice any differences until your engine is turned on.

4: When you win a race, you win a box with a reward. The boxes require between 2 and 8 hours depending on the rarity to unlock, but you can unlock more often immediately by viewing a video ad. Take the free unlock option as often as possible, so you can save a lot of parts and speed up the process of upgrading your truck.

5: Do you want to unlock more trucks? Continue to win cup-style races to increase your rank. New vehicles will be unlocked on Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II and Gold I. Expect new vehicles to be added with other upgrades to match Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary rankings.

6: The Adventure Mode is where you want to go if you want the “go as far as you can” experience from the old school Hill Climb Racing. The terrain will be tougher here, so you’ll need to work the gas and brake more strategically to save gas and avoid spilling your truck. Any improvements made to your vehicle in Coupe mode will also apply to this mode, so the more upgrades you have, the more you’ll be able to go further.

7: In addition to winning prizes for placement in a race, you win a free box of prizes every hour, containing commons. You can also win a rarer red box by winning 10 races. These boxes contain better products. Once you open a red box, you will have to wait about 13 hours before you can win another one.

8: There are currently four additional steps you can unlock in Adventure mode. To unlock each of these steps, you must pay coins. These steps will present new challenges, as well as the opportunity to earn more coins for further updates. Vehicles.

9: The free gems are distributed a little generously in this game. They come mainly from the boxes: the more the box is rare and the more time it takes to unlock the box, the more chances you have to win gems and the more you win gems at a time.

10: On specials with more hills, sometimes you will want to avoid a jump, so drop the gas up a hill, trying to keep your tires on the ground downhill. Gas up the hill with enough time for the boost to start when you start your descent, so you can gain a lot of speed down the hill.

11: When unlocking a new vehicle, stay with the old vehicle first as it will have already been upgraded. Earn money with cup races and adventure races, then use them to upgrade your new vehicle until it’s ready for prime time. Or if you like the driving characteristics of the old vehicle, respect the old one.


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