Mini Militia Battle Points Hack for Android Phone (To Get Unlimited Battle Points)

Best mini militia battle points hack android is here this is going to save your Mini Militia Experience In such a way that you would love to play the game. So you want to get unlimited free bp in mini militia game. As Getting Unlimited Battle Points. See here’s How to Hack Android Games Using Root Browser (Editing .xml Root File).

Mini Militia Hack – Unlimited Points Hack

Wow… Doodle Army 2: Mini militia game getting more popular for online battling system.  For this, you want to get free battle points in mini militia without root. If your device no-rooted then you must see this Mini Militia Hack, Pro Pack Unlocked+ All item Purchased post.

So, you need to have some Prerequisites for ‘how to get battle points in mini militia.’

Mini Militia Unlimited Points Hacks

Mini Militia Unlimited Points Hacks – mini militia cheats android


Requirements for mini militia battle points hack android

  • Any Root Explorer
  • Rooted Android

Before start this hack, You Need to play the game online at least one time. After that you can turn of the internet access and you’re ready to go.

How to get free battle points in mini militia with root?

Steps to Mini Militia battle points hack for android:

Step-1. Open your Mini Militia Play at least one online game mode. This is to ensure your battle points, and all other details are stored on your mobile inside the data folder.

Step-2. Now turn off your Internet connection. If you are doing this with Internet connection Enabled, it may not work because there is a sync running between your device and Mini Militia Servers.

Step-3. After doing this,  minimize the game and open any Root Explorer

Step-4. Go to Device folder on your Android device.

Step-5. Inside the device folder, where you could see another folder named “Data“. Navigate to it.

Step-6. Inside data folder, there will be another Folder Named “Data” Open it.

Step-7. In the second data folder, you can see all the data files of all applications you had installed on your device. Now you need to find the folder “Data” of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. The name of Mini Militia data file will “com.appsomniacs“.

Step-8. Open that folder and inside com.appsomniacs you could see a folder named “Shared Prefs“.


Step-9. Inside “Shared Prefs” you could find a file named “Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml“. Edit that File with your Favourite Editor.

mini-militia-hack android

Mini militia battle points hack android

Step-10. Now you can see many values that are related to your game. Now within that file find a phrase code as value “LBKey.points” = “1000” (The value changes from player to player. You must replace the value field. you can keep any number you want the points.[/sociallocker]

Step-11. Save the file and Open the Game. There you could see that your game have as much of points you have edited earlier.


Mini militia battle points hack android

Step-12. Now turn on your Internet and play the game online. Be A Pro In your Friends.

Here’s another:

Check out the pictures so you can understand for Mini Militia Battle Points Hack for Android (To Get Unlimited Battle Points)..

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