Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod by kmods.apk (Pro Pack, No Reload, Unlimited Nitro)

The most popular games that young people play today at the Doodle Army 2: mini militia game. Now I am going to give you a different type of Mini Militia with some extra features that will give you more fun and will help you beat a little more.

So, take a look at the features of Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod by kmods.apk (Pro Pack, No Reload, Unlimited Nitro).

Mini Militia Mod is a more modified version of the original game which gives you some extra features. And this mod can also be used by non-rooted users and you can use your Mini Militia’s pro pack without paying anything.

Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod on ModApkModCom
Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod apk

So, in this selector mod, you can change your needs. Can’t Understand? Guys, in this In-App Selector Mod by kmods, you can select what you want. I will give you the screenshots below by which you can understand.

Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod by kmods
Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod by kmods



  • In-App Mod Selector
  • Work without root also
  • Can Change Mods In-app
  • Added Some Important Mods

Features of Mini Militia In-App Mod Selector

  • All store items will already purchased

  • In this mod, you will get Unlocked ProPack.

  • You can fly unlimited means Unlimited Flying Power.

  • You can use your gun to how much you want, Unlimited Ammo.

  • One Shot Kill.

  • Gun will not take any time to reload, No Reload.

  • iOS Symbol

  • Guns will have a red laser, All weapon Laser

  • Bullet Speed hack like a sniper

  • Commander in-chief mod

  • 7x Zoom as sniper

    has. In this mod, you will get in all guns.

  • Speed Hack

  • Range increaser means your bullet will go more…

So, above are all the features you will get in this mod. The most amazing feature of this mod is you can add features only that you want. So, if you want to play like an original game then you can also play a simple game.

To download this Mod, click on the link down below and simply click on download.

Download Now

I hope you will like this mod and enjoy also. For any query about this mod, drop a comment in comment box below, I will be there.

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