Moto X 2017 Leaks, Rumors, And News: in Live Images That Show a Metal Body

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Moto X 2017 Leaks, Rumors, And News:

Moto X 2017 seems that the highly loved and somewhat iconic Moto X may not be totally dead right away. Once known as Motorola’s flagship phone, the Moto X name could live as more mid-range option, with the Moto Z taking over as a top-tier motorcycle device.

The images of Moto X 2017, Show the smartphone with a metal body, and a round camera panel that looks quite similar to that on Moto Z. Interestingly, the Moto X (2017) Leak does not have pins at the back of the bottom, which can allow support for Moto Mods. The Moto X (2017) smartphone carries a home button, which is thought to sport the fingerprint sensor.

Considering that Lenovo has already clarified earlier this year that its upcoming Moto Z featured devices will come with support for attachable mods, it seems unlikely that the leaked smart phone in the leaked images is from the Moto Z series.

A new phone called the Moto X 2017 was leaked online by TechDroider through a series of photos, which show that the phone could get a very Moto Z-esque look. But it’s not a Moto Z. How do we know it? Well, for starters, it does not seem to have the pins that give it Moto Mod functionality. Moto Mods are something that Lenovo said will remain consistent in the high-end Motorcycle phones for the foreseeable future.Moto X 2017 Leaks, Rumors, And News: in Live Images That Show a Metal Body 2

In general, the device seems to be a mishmash of other Motorcycle phones. For example, the device has the same metal chassis that can be seen on the newly announced Moto M, as well as a fingerprint sensor mounted at the front, as does the Moto Z. The device also seems to have a similar configuration Of the camera for the Moto Z.

Other details on the phone have not yet been revealed. We can expect that the Moto X will have relatively decent specifications but it probably will not live up to the same hype as the previous Moto X phones. This is because it has been replaced as the flagship device Moto by the Moto Z.

We have no idea when the camera will actually be released – the fact that it is called the “Moto X 2017” means it could still be as much as a year old. It is likely that we will see more specs and photos leak between now and its eventual release date, so stay tuned for more news.

The Moto X 2017 smartphone should be available in Gold and Silver color variants, as shown by the images that have been filtered. However, other specifications on Moto X (2017) news have still not been disclosed. As it goes with all other leakage, we suggest you take this one with a pinch of salt as well.

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