Pocket Politics Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Raise More Money for Your Campaigns

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Pocket Politics is here and its time to check a Excellent Pocket Politics wiki guide with some tips and tricks. Pocket Politics cheats also there’s cheat codes  to help you get winner. 

Pocket Politics is a great way to pass time and it allows you to plan your career as someone who aspires to become president. You are in a great pleasure just for funny parodies of modern politicians. Here is our cheat Pocket policy to help you increase the money to run for the first position in the earth! If you think politics is interesting, and do not mind playing in the long term progression of games then try this modern game Kongregate.

Things have changed in the period before the US presidential elections since political Pocket was made and released, but Android and iOS. Game idle Kongregate will offer a humorous look at the influential Democrat and Republican parties, including versions romanticized Barack Obama, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Republican Donald Trump. According Kongregate, the game lets you raise money for your political campaigns, and while the lobbies will be the main way for you to raise this money, they will not be sufficient. You will also have to recruit staff, winning endorsements from politicians for more bonuses, and do your fair share of tapping, as you try to go “small” volunteers of the campaign, all the way to the holding of the highest office in the country, which is, of course, the Office of the President.

Now you have many things for someone to become a presidential candidate in the real world. But in this world in the game, how do you become president, and how do you win the elections? Read on and check out our list of Pocket Politics cheats, tips and tricks, as we show you how to climb the ladder and type (or off) your way to the presidency.Pocket Politics Cheats Tips & Tricks to Raise More Money for Your Campaigns

Objective of the game.

The main objective is to be the president, increase your popularity, and ultimately influence people to vote for your candidate, having resigned. Investing in the halls and hire the best staff to propel you upward.


Lobbies are the main source of income

Although you should not rely solely on the lobbies, these remain the main way for you to earn money in the game, especially during those all important moments of rest when you are not playing the game. basically what you want to do here is to balance your priorities; if you unlock new lobbies, or if you level up the ones you have now? We’ll tell you in the next council.

Earn money giving priority lobbies.

Lobbies for ways to earn an income while you are resting. Unlock new when you can, and focus on and invest in existing ones that you think are really important and you could win followers. Do not spend too much time with those you can not upgrade at this time. Although these can you pay enough, they are quite difficult to meet.

Rank up lobbies to reduce cooldown before you can click and complete / invest on them again. Doing this repeatedly will help you make lots of money.

Unlock More Lobbies, but do not focus on some Ones

Generally, it is best to try to release as many lobbyists as possible, neglecting temporarily lobbies that are currently too difficult for you to upgrade because of all the time necessary. They pay for you at the end, so you’ll want to come back to them at some point in the game. But in the meantime, you may consider the classification lobbies that are much easier to rank, and await Similar results in the least. Ranking high, as a reminder, reduce the time it would take for the lobbies are ready, which means more money in less time. You want to classify these lobbies as soon as possible, so work to do by focusing on the easiest and the hardest.

What is wrong with the candidate?

Your choice of the candidate really is not that important, unless you spend a good part of the game by tapping the screen. However, you will need the candidate to make progress, requiring you to check on their screen from time to time to allow elections kick off once you have enough money. Tapping appears to be effective in increasing collections related to elections soon, even if it is idle or semi-idle game, you will always want to type every time you have the time to do it.

Use the Time Lapse Cheat to collect more money faster

From the moment, Kongregate has yet to kill the time to cheat, so you can use it to collect your money almost immediately. This cheat would require you to go to your phone settings, set your time to a few hours (or hours) and then return to the game. We recommend setting your time coming by at least four hours for best results . Once you return to the game, you can earn money that would have accumulated between the initial time and the time you Lapsed in, and keeps repeating this trick as often as you like. Keep in mind, however, there is always a chance this cheat can be killed in future updates!

Real Pocket Politics cheats for bonuses.

Play every day, you can earn a lot of gifts and premiums, but you can get so many at once. You have to wait a full day before you can earn the same bonus again. You can work around this, however, by setting the date and time at a later date. This will then allow you to collect even more daily bonuses. In addition, you can repeatedly until you are satisfied with the amount of game currency that you have. You can also speed up the electoral processes and help you become president as soon as possible!

About the game upgrades

When talking about upgrade policy in the Pocket, they can certainly make it easier for you to make money. Buy these updates as soon as they are unlocked and you are able to pay; they are worth buying at the end of the day, even with these small starting bonus. It may be a good idea to buy the bonus lump sum of tap before anything else, then move to the percentage increase. It would save most of the second bonus, and give you good value for your purchase in the game. In general, buy upgrades in the order in which they are unlocked.

Upgrade the lobby as much as you can.

Upgrading lobbies can definitely increase your income much faster. So once you see easily upgradable lobbies, do not hesitate to exploit and improve. The purchase boosts that accelerate the collection of money and entering bonus will also improve your earnings as well. Unlock these boosts for each of pressure groups, and to do so in order that you won the lobbies.

Top In-App Purchases:

  1. Stack of Gold $4.99
  2. Chest of Gold $9.99
  3. The Steal Deal $7.99
  4. Limited Time Pack $9.99
  5. Vault of Gold $19.99
  6. The Better Bundle $19.99
  7. The Steal Deal $8.99
  8. The Best it Gets $49.99
  9. Stockpile of Gold $49.99
  10. Mountain of Gold $99.99

Available Pocket Politics Cheat codes:

Cheat code Pocket Politics free In-App Purchases on Android & iOS:

  1. The Steal Deal $7.99KR_amT3BVBJrw
  2. Chest of Gold $9.99BH_EH2Qx3aIkt
  3. 50 000 000 Cash (much money) – 50NBWU9W#PP090_eiw

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That’s for now, to the extent that our Pocket policy advice, tips and tricks are concerned. Do you know other tricks to the game that we have not mentioned in the guide? Let us know in the comment section below!


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