PokeBuddy BOT Download – A Pokemon GO BOT

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Get PokeBuddy Bot Download for Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest pokemon go bot now. Download PokeBuddy – A Pokemon Go Bot – This Pokemon Go bot will quickly level your account. Auto Find Pokestops, Auto Walk and Auto Catch Pokemon. Pokebuddy and it will catch rare Pokemon and automatically get your hands on the rare Pokemon such as Dragonite, Charizard, and many others. The bot comes with a map and gives you the inventory, it supports PTC and Google accounts, feature of walking as a human, Farms Pokestops for you thrown Bay / Pokeballs, transfers / Pokemon evolves to name a few -uns.

It’s offer the most advanced and updated Pokemon GO bot on the market. Developed using the most advanced technologies, it is safe to stay PokeBuddy continue to be stable with a consistent feature for the foreseeable future.

PokeBuddy Bot – A Pokemon GO BOT:

  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • PTC / Google Account support
  • Evolve all Pokemon
  • Throw berries / Use the best Pokeball
  • Farm Pokestops
  • Transfers duplicate Pokemon
  • Human-like walking
  • Throw away unneeded items
  • Use Lucky Egg when evolving Pokemon for best EXP rate
  • Auto-updating / Version checking


What can Pokebuddy do?

Developed with the end user in mind, PokeBuddy provides a simple way to progress further in Pokemon GO without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s offer a plethora of settings you can configure in the bot, ranging from the evolution Pokemon all the way to the transfer of duplicates, the bot will use to determine exactly what it should do. It makes Pokemon fully automated GO!

How does Pokemon Go Botting Work?

PokeBuddy is designed to run on your PC like any other application would. This frees your phone so you can use it as normal with your PC.

Pokémon Legendary was discovered on planet Earth! Now is the opportunity to discover and catch Pokémon around yourself to get your PokeBuddy Bot on your PC and let’s start the Pokémon hunting.

Just download the PokeBuddy bot, open it as you would any other program, log on using your PokeBuddy token, authenticate using your login information Pokemon GO (which is safely stored on your computer ), adjust the configuration of robots for what you want to do and the bot will automatically start communicating with Pokemon GO servers:

  • Spin Pokestops.
  • To catch pokemon.
  • And a lot more options!
  • Incubate eggs.

What can 1 hour of Pokemon Go Botting Achieve?

In one hour, using the coordinates details in a densely populated area (like a city like Philadelphia or Los Angeles), most of our users typically reach over 50,000 experience and get closer or completely hatch all their hatching eggs now. Rates are subject to change based on the location but we received very positive feedback about what the bot can accomplish.

PokeBuddy Download:

Download PokeBuddy bot zip from here.. >>> https://github.com/finndev/PokeBuddy/archive/master.zip

How to Install PokeBuddy Bot For Pokemon Go?

  1. Download the PokeBuddy Zip File from the link below.
  2. Unzip the Data and Start “PokeBuddy.exe”.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Enter your Username + Password For Pokemon Go.
  5. Select Done
  6. Now, begin your Pokemon Adventure.
  7. Done.


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