Sniper 3D Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

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Sniper 3D is a sniper simulator game for the iOS and Android platforms of Fun Games For Free. You play as a deadly mercenary and your goal is to travel to many cities, eliminate terrorists from criminals, and make it a safer place for everyone. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot To Kill!

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As always in these types of games, the easiest way to defeat an enemy is to take a headshot.

In this game, however, thanks to generous collision detection, shots in the back, nose, upper chest and even in the air in front of the opponent can also count as head shots.

If you’re still having trouble aiming, make sure to zoom in on your scope as much as possible.

When performing the desired missions, always make sure that you match exactly the right person in the image shown to you at the start of the level. Often there will be other non-player characters out there to look exactly like your target, with the exception of one or two little details, and if you shoot them, you lose the scene instantly.

There are two ways to increase the damage done, the accuracy and the clip of your weapon. You can either upgrade your existing weapon, which is cheaper, or buy a new weapon, which is much more expensive; however, a new weapon has many more advantages, especially when it is improved. Make sure you also buy different types of weapons, such as pistols and automatic weapons, depending on the type of mission you are carrying out.

If you are saving for a new weapon, it is best to remember that it will eventually encounter a tough wall on the main missions. Unless you plan to buy coins, your best bet is to grind the missions you want until you have enough coins to buy a new weapon. These missions generally stay around the same level of difficulty per city and often they are repeated, which makes it easy to determine where the target is so that you can shoot them and complete the mission quickly.

This game has an energy system and when your energy runs out, you must either wait for it to come back, buy more energy, or John and the experience level for a quick free recharge. One cheat option is to go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet and set the time to come, then return to the game. If you do that, all of your energy will be restored immediately. You can do this trick as many times as you want.

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