Tap Titans 2 Guide: On Artifact Tiers, Pets, Clans, When To Prestige And More

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Are you new on Tap Titans 2 and looking for a guide to artifacts, pets, prestige, clans and other gameplay tips and tricks? Check out our beginner’s guide to everything we’ve learned so far here.

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Tap Titans 2 Sword Master

Thus, the individuals who inflict damage in TT2 are your sword master and your heroes. Your sword master is your main hero and, at the beginning of the gameplay, it will be important to upgrade your Sword Master to earn enough coins to buy additional heroes that will help you fight or improve your skills.

Sword Master and hero damage increases with each upgrade, but the amount of damage doubles every 20 levels from level 10. However, it’s best to try to hit those 20 levels of damage (ex 10, 30, 50, 70).

Sword Master Skills

In addition to doing more damage with higher levels, Sword Masters also have the ability to unlock various skills when they reach certain levels. These skills can improve your gameplay and be useful for winning more coins or fighting difficult bosses. Personally, the two skills I found most useful are the fire sword and the Midas hand. I do not even try to unblock the others now, as these two seem the most effective / useful. Once the skills of the Swordmaster are unlocked, they require mana to be able to use them.

The skills of the sword master are as follows:

  1. Heavenly Strike: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches level 100. This skill deals a large burst of damage at once.
  2. Hand of Midas: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level 300. Rains down gold for every tap for 30 seconds. My absolute favorite skill.
  3. Critical Strike: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level 200. Increases your critical strike chance.
  4. Warcry: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level 500. Increases all your heroes’ attack speed by a massive amount for 30 seconds.  This can be a useful skill.
  5. Shadow Clone: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level 600. A second “Shadow” Sword Master appears, dealing a ton of damage per second.
  6. Flame Sword: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level 400. Multiplies your tap damage by a massive amount for 30 seconds. This is my second favorite skill to unlock.

I don’t like this one at all. It doesn’t seem to be worth the upgrade, but it’s not one beginners will encounter anyway, so don’t worry about it for now.

Tap Titans 2 Heroes

When you earn more coins with your Sword Master, Heroes will be available for rent. Heroes fall into three classes: remote, melee and spell. As with your Swordmaster, you want to aim 20 levels at once before switching to another hero to maximize the damage. In addition to stabilizing, Heroes have skills that unlock at the following levels: 20, 40, 60, 100, 200, 500, 1000.

tap titans 2 tt2 heroes

According to the hero, the skills they unlock vary and provide benefits such as gold multipliers and damage, higher chances of critical hits, damage to titans and more. There are different ideas about heroes to improve first, but many players seem to recommend upgrading the heroes in your melee (although the mix of all types is good). The reason the melee heroes are recommended is that when you reach Rhys and Cosette, they both increase your melee hero damage when you reach a new skill level.

If you prefer to focus on your heroes remotely or remotely, then focus on improving the heroes that increase the damage of this type of hero. For remote heroes, focus on Captain Davey Cannon. For spell heroes, Kronus. You can check the unlocking skill list for any hero by tapping on his avatar.

Tap Titans 2 Pet Guide

These are one of the new additions to the Tap Titans 2 gameplay and while you may get your hands on the first one very quickly, but you’ll quickly realize just how much grunt work these little guys pull for you. Unlike your secondary heroes (which, let’s be honest, don’t really start pulling their own weight compared to your Sword Master until after your first prestige), your pets do some pretty hefty damage and only gain more through your tap damage.

As you progress through Tap Titans 2, you will be truly grateful for your pets. You get a new egg for a pet every four hours or you can buy pets in the store. For each duplicate animal you get, it combines with your old animal to level it. Different pets offer different benefits, similar to skills. Although each pet’s skills vary, they do several things for you. First, the animals make a blitz every 20 shots. At level 500, pets can attack without your hits. Pets also give a bonus to your master or heroes, such as increasing the amount of gold, hero damage or hit damage. You can see all the bonuses for different animals, as well as detailed information on pets.

Nova &
All damage dealtBuy a level for 25 Diamonds in the Shop
& Toto
All Heroes damageA great general purpose pet, but bested by having 3 separate Level 5+ Pets for spell, melee and ranged
Bubbles PollyAll Gold gainAlways try to have one as high as possible!
FluffersMana regenerationGreat for pushing faster!
Hamy &
Tap DamageImportant for early stages, but loses appeal as you advance to 200+ stages
KitSplash DamageIncredible pet for getting fast Prestige, as it enables to kill multiple Titans with splash damage.
Cerberus, Basky, Harker, Zero, Scraps, MousyVarious Hero Type DamageA substitute for Tempest and Toto, with slightly higher bonuses per level

Depending on your current Stage, you will mix and match between pets a lot.

Tap Titans 2: Your First Prestige And  When To Do It

To gain prestige in TT2, you must reach level 600 of the Sword Master. Most people will arrive around Stadium 100. It is best to go ahead and gain prestige immediately after reaching the 600 level. However, this will give you more relics to discover or update artifacts. . See the Artifacts section for more information on these. For more information on prestige strategy after your first visit, see this comprehensive guide. A list of relics by stage level for the original Tat Titans can be found here, however, I’m not sure it’s the same for Tap Titans 2.


Artifacts Tier Listing: Which Are The Best Artifacts To Upgrade In Tap Titans 2? (LIST)

You can get your first artifacts after your first prestige. When you enjoy prestige, you get a certain amount of relics and can use them to discover new artifacts or to update artifacts that you already have. Different artifacts provide different benefits during the game and a number of TT2 players have listed artifacts by level to help players decide which ones are best suited. We have compiled a list of artifact levels below, but you can read more about the artifacts here.

Artifact Tier List

Tier 1 (Top Upgrade Priority)

  • Book of Shadows (Increases relics from prestige)
  • Heroic Shield (Increases boss gold)
  • Axe of Muerte (Increases critical hit chance, plus high Artifact Damage)
  • Furies Bow (Increases Pet damage)
  • Fruit of Eden (Increases Melee hero damage)
  • Charm of the Ancient (Increases Spell hero damage)
  • The Sword of Storms (Increases Ranged hero damage)
  • Blade of Damocles (Increases all hero damage)

Tier 2

  • Parchment of Foresight (Increases Warcry effect)
  • Aegis (Increases Warcry duration)
  • Bringer of Ragnarok (Increases Fire Sword effect)
  • Glacial Axe (Increases Fire sword duration)
  • Hero’s Blade (Increases Helmet bonus)
  • Lethe Water (Increases Weapon bonus)
  • Amethyst Staff (Increases Slash equipment bonus)
  • Divine Retribution (Increases all heroes damage)
  • Heavenly Sword (Increases all artifact damage).  *** CAUTION – is reportedly buggy.

Tier 3

  • Staff of Radiance (Reduces hero cost)
  • Book of Prophecy (Increases gold)
  • Invader’s Shield (High Artifact Damage)
  • Forbidden Scroll (Increases critical strike duration, good Artifact Damage)
  • Ring of Fealty (Increases Hand of Midas duration, good Artifact Damage)
  • Laborer’s Pendant (Increases Hand of Midas effect)
  • Swamp Gauntlet (Increases Shadow Clone duration, good Artifact Damage)
  • Helmet of Madness (Increases Chest equipment bonus)

Tier 4

  • Titan’s Mask (Increases Heavenly Strike effect)
  • Elixir of Eden (Increases Shadow Clone effect)
  • Titan Spear (Decreases Hand of Midas cost)
  • Oak Staff (Decreases Fire Sword cost)
  • The Arcana Cloak (Decreases Warcry cost)
  • Egg of Fortune (Increases Chesterson chance)
  • Chest of Contentment (Increases Chesterson gold)

Tier 5

  • Stone of the Valrunes (Increases Titan gold)
  • Hunter’s Ointment (Decreases Shadow Clone cost)
  • Infinity Pendulum (Heavenly Strike cost)
  • Glove of Kuma (Decreases Critical Strike cost)
  • Drunken Hammer (Increases tap damage)
  • Divine Chalice (Increases chance for 10x gold)


Tap Titans 2 Clans

Clans are a great feature that becomes available to players once they reach stage 25 in the game.

How to join a clan

To join a clan, you must tap the shield in the upper left corner of the screen and choose a clan that accepts new members.

What are clans doing

Clans are great for increasing your ongoing damage. Once you join a clan, a ship will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Every 10 seconds, this ship will deal 10 times the damage of your sword master every second. This amount increases with clan quests completed.

About clan quests

Clan quests are under the clan icon. Clan quests become available throughout the day. Whenever a clan quest fighting time is available, you must participate. While fighting in the quest, you help your clan defeat the Titan Lords, increasing the amount of damage dealt by the clan ship on your screen. Staying active in a clan is also the best way to not get started by your clan.

Some other things to keep in mind:

Choose a clan, any clan! If you join it once you reach step 20, you will benefit greatly. If you are interested in being a little more insightful in your clan choices, you can take a look at the Tap Titans 2 Reddit community’s open clan recruiting thread.

Although the game is quite effective for not running ads too fast and too hard, the rewards that go with them are worth it. Mana fairies can be a decisive factor to jump over 20 additional steps when you reach your limits. If you find yourself stuck and have not seen one for a while, leave the game and take a break. They should start appearing fairly quickly but, of course, there is always the change that they will drop something else for you (diamonds, gold, etc.).

If you have difficulty making progress, even after exploding your skills and mana reloads, you can gain prestige and start again. You are there for the relics! Short races are the key right now.

If you have diamonds to spend, especially early in the game: if in doubt, you risk damage. Double damage affects extra money or mana and will be what will push you further and longer up and down.

Jump in a tournament! These take place every Sunday and Wednesday and depending on where you place your level, the game will distribute an appropriate prize.

There’s more to come on details like artefacts and pet levels, but this should allow you to start making some of your early game choices!

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