Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk (Rocket Launcher with Saw Cutter)

The Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod 2022 has come a long way since its release on the web. This is the only Mini Militia mod that allows you to launch countless rockets in a split second.
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Download Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk in 2022 with Rockets, Saw Cutters, Machete! Find everything that you were craving for, with the Death Spryer Mod.  Fire them all at over 100 rounds per second, Health generates faster, speed mod activated, bullet power increased, infinite bullets per shot, death spray mod and more.

The Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod 2022 has come a long way since its release on the web. This is the only Mini Militia mod that allows you to launch countless rockets in a split second.

The Rocket Launcher for this mini militia unlimited death sprayer mod has been turned into a fully automatic weapon. And The Secondary GUN is Saw Cutter. Fire them all at over 100 rounds per second. ????


Death Sprayer Mod Apk info:-

  1. Deathsprayer: This mod allows you to launch all these weapons at a rate that is tied with other automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the game.
  2. Dual guns can be held: Every time you respawn you will get Saw cutter and Rocket Launcher in dual wield as the default weapons. Primary GUN- rocket launcher and Secondary GUN- Saw Cutter.
  3. All weapons laser
  4. One shot kills: Your enemies will die suddenly your gun.If you enable this option, your weapon will fire 5 bullets per shot.
  5. Pro pack unlocked: You Can get pro pack with this mod with full features. Buy the pro pack from the Play Store or original developers site to get all features unlocked.
  6. All store items unlocked and equipped: Each of the 14 store items including but not limited to Boost regen, Health Regen, Golden eagle, are already purchased with this Death Sprayer hack.
  7. Unlimited bullets or ammo: This allows you to have unlimited ammo on all your weapons. Associated with the hack without reloading, you can continue shooting without time limit or without having to reload.
  8. Unlimited Mines: Throw sensor mines along with the rockets that travel in the air as long as they don’t find a place to stick.
  9. Unlimited Nitro: Launching missiles from the ground is no fun. Having infinite JetPack lets, you hover over the enemy all the time and spray rockets till they are down on the ground asking for mercy.
  10. 6x Default zoom: Every gun gets 6x zoom including Saw Sprayer.
  11. No reload: Continues shots without reloading your weapon.
  12. Additional Battle Points: With all store items you also get some extra battle points(12,600).

More Features on Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk:

  1. Saw Cutter sprayer
  2. mini militia machete sprayer
  3. Stabilized speed as normal as Saw Cutter is very heavy
  4. Added death prayer to most of guns.
  5. Sniper sprayer
  6. Saw sprayer
  7. Mini militia death sprayer unlimited health
  8. And added death prayer to more guns
  9. Increase bullets speed
  10. Sniper bullet range
  11. Ability to throw SAWS from hands
  12. Even if you throw bombs you will not lose dual guns
  13. App clone (Now u can keep both my mod and original mini militia no need to uninstall anything)
Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk with Saw Cutter
Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk with Saw Cutter

Installation and Download Methods

We suggest all of you go by the undermentioned procedure to install this Death Sprayer hack correctly. If even after closely following the instructions you get errors, we suggest you read the full post on issues related to Doodle Army 2.


  • Good internet connection to download Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod apk.
  • Around 200 MBs of free internal space.
  • Android phone with at least 512 MB of RAM and upper for more compatibility.
  • Keep this page open in the browser for installation details.

See also:

Download Death Sprayer Mod with Rocket Launcher/Saw Cutter

The Doodle Army 2 Death Sprayer Mod apk given here has been tested on Android Marshmallow (6.0.1), Nought (7.0) and no problems have been reported. The download link given here does not have Machete default but would be included in the next update with Speed Hack. Uncommon offsets were encountered when the main weapon, the rocket launcher, was tipped to Saw Cutter.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk
File Name:Mini_Militia_Death_Sprayer.apk
File Size:45.8 MB
Genre:Action, multiplayer
Developers:Appsomanics LLC
Download:See below

How To Install?

  • Download the Death Sprayer Mod apk from the Google Drive link given in the above section.
  • Install the game.
  • Give the required permissions to the Mod apk file.
  • Now open it, If the application asks for an update, Deny.
  • Now enjoy launching and spreading missiles and saw cutters everywhere. ????
  • Appsomniacs ❤

Note: You don’t need to uninstall others Mini Militia, You can keep it with any other original/mod MM version.


Installation and Downloading issue

Many players frequently receive some errors when installing Mini Militia after download, including  “Parse Error”, “App not installed”, “Invalid Package”, etc.

We suggest you use Chrome web browser for downloading the apk. The latest version of Chrome can resume interrupted downloads without corrupting the apk file.

But what about the guns not firing issue?

The application has been updated to solve the problem encountered in some devices where the weapons did not shoot. This hack was created keeping in mind that each weapon has unlimited ammo.

Mini Militia Mod Servers detection issue

The Death Sprayer game is a hacked mod version of the original game and will, therefore, be detected by Mini Militia servers. The hacking detection algorithm used in the servers will place you on a dedicated server (QP.Mod) intended only for Moded Mini Militia games. We could have made the application to work around this server and be included in the list of regular servers (QP), but did not. This would allow standard and Moded gaming players to enjoy the game without worrying about hackers.

All Credit goes to Naveen RG for this MOD.

Conclusion has published this death spray mod just to let players enjoy something different from the usual but do not encourage them to continue using this game for online or offline play.



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