Mini Militia Invisible Hack [+Mod Apk] + Add Face + Background Change

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Here’s we shared here Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia hack to get Mini Militia Invisible Hack, Change/add face on avatar, Background change. In the most popular Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia game, Get Invisible In Mini Militia game! That sounds incredible, is not it? Be like James Bond from “Die Another Day”! Invisible Doodle Army 2 guy. You’d be right to be skeptical – I was too much when I heard about this invisible Mini Militia hack technique. It sounds too good to be true. Let’s start!

Mini Militia Invisible Hack

Getting invisible is one of the most interesting Mini Militia Hack after Death Sprayer Mod ApkMini Militia on PC , Mini Militia Wall Hack to Fly Through Walls and with this hack, you will be invisible with the exception of your weapons and grenades. Guns and grenades can also be disguised with this invisible mini hack of the militia but that will take extra effort yet we will share it with you.

The things needed to create your own mini militia invisible avatar apk.

  • Download APK editor pro from the game store or from the link below to access the Mini Militia skins avatar in the game. Download Here APK editor pro.apk (Play Store link)
  • Download the Mini Militia apk file to your internal or external memory. You can also hack the currently installed game application.
  • Photoshop Express or any other photo-editing tool. There is not much editing required, just a few avatar images to remove from an image containing them. Editing can be done online on this LINK.

Simple Step Process for Mini Militia Invisible Hack

Follow this guide to create your own Mini Militia invisible mod apk:

You can make this Mini Militia invisible Hack without root permission.

  1. Install the APK editor pro application and open it.
  2. Tap on “Select an Apk file” if you want to perform the hack on Mini Militia downloaded apk file. Otherwise, go to “Select Apk from App” the procedure is the same for both.
  3. Locate the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia apk file in your internal storage and select it.
  4. Select “Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)” for “Mini Militia Invisible
  5. Now what you see are the internal files associated with Mini Militia hack and cheat for android.  You can change the background of the first screen of the game as well as the background of different maps. We will discuss this at the end of this topic. All the Mini Militia hack apks that we see on the Internet are developed by modifying these files.
    To run Mini Militia Invisible Android hack, select “Active”
  6. Now, go to the “HD” folder. Here you will find all the images used in the gamemini-miltia-hd-wallpapers-folder-invisible-hack
  7. Locate the file menuTexture.png in the HD folder. This png image contains all Doodle Army 2 avatars skins, pistols, grenades etc. As separate images. Tap the Save File icon marked in blue. This will store in the phone’s internal memory in the folder named ApkEditor> images> menuTexture.png. We will modify this file to make the hack Mini Militia invisible for android and save the modified file in this is how the menuTexture.png file looks like.menutexture-png-for-hackFinally, open the file in any photo editing tool and remove the legs hands and face as many doodles you like. Remove these guns as well as doodle when spawned like uzi and gun to make Mini militia completely invisible.
  8. Save the image and place it in your phone where you can navigate easily. Open the Apk editor one more time and move to the same place we left earlier, that is, in the folder containing the menuTexture.png file.edited-image-of-mini-militia
  9. Move to the place where the edited image is stored

In the end, click on save, it will take a few seconds to build the new apk. Install it and enjoy being Invisible in Militia Militia game hack.

Mini Militia Invisible Mod Apk

Before downloading the mod you must be eager about knowing its amazing features. All the features related to the transparent mod to hide you from your opponent:-


  • No Rooted device Needed
  • Pro Pack Unlocked
  • Unlimited Boost & Reload
  • Get Transparent from your opponent
  • With Active Pro Pack to play online
  • Easy access to Sniper & Rocket Launcher.
Detail of  Mini Militia Invisible Apk Mod
File Name:Mini Militia Invisible Apk Mod
File Size:45.5
OS:Android 2.1.3 and Above
Downloading Platform:Google Drive
[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”center”]Download MM Invisible Mod.Apk[/button-green]

Mini Militia invisible avatar mod by sahad ikr

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Invisible hack is the other best mod after Mini Militia double gun hack mod. And the special thing is that you do not need to root your phone or damage your phone for a match. I hope you feel it interesting now.

Download: Mini Militia 2.2.61 Mega Mod by sahadikr

Mini Militia Add face and face changer Trick

You can replace faces with any other image, maybe yours or your favorite actor, actress. ……

You must follow this guide Mini Militia face change like the invisible hack. The only difference is that this time, you have to place a different image instead of the avatars present.

Modify the MenuTexture file to include a face that you like. If you have trouble doing it. Comment below to let us know and we will do it for you. Although this is highly unlikely, you now know who to do this. Here we added the face of Shin Chain ???? cropped the image of another and squished to fit the

Save the file and replaced it with original as mentioned in the above “mini militia invisible hack”.

Here is a snapshot of gameplay after changing the face of the avatar. Looks Cool! ain’t thatgame-play-doodle-army-2-face-changed-custom


Remember that changes to your avatar in this way affect it only on your phone. Other games will still see the original avatar.

Mini Militia Background Change

The background images of Mini Militia are stored in the “HD” folder as described above. Simply go to this folder with the application Apk Editor for Doodle army 2 Mini Militia Background Change. Replace the image with the one you want. Make sure that the size (dimensions) of the image to be replaced is the same as the size of the original imagemini-militia-change-background


So you do not need Mini Militia mod background to be downloaded from elsewhere. Just follow the guide and do it yourself. Try other changes and tell us when you come up with something of value to share.

[youtube id=”SZv3ZflUXvI” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Mini militia invisible avatar mod by sahad ikr

Takeaways from the Tutorial

With this tutorial on “Mini Militia Invisible Hack” and “Background Change”, we learned that we did not need invisible mini hack militia downloaded to our Android or iOS phones.

Simply by using the tricks above, we can create our own version of the invisible mini hack android APC hack.

So go make your own version. Note below if you are having difficulty performing any of these steps. Like our facebook page to follow the latest Mini Militia Tips and tricks.

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