SD Maid Pro APK Download – [Latest v4.15.11 Final Patched]

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SD Maid Pro is a famous Android cleaner app. SD Maid Pro APK allows users to clear cache, log files and incident reports with one click on their Android devices. This app helps to get rid of unwanted files that are not useful to you. The SD Maid System Pro v4.15.11 Final Patched is the best solution for memory management issues.

Here’s we have shared patched and paid version of “SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool”. So you do not need to download SD Maid Pro unlocker app to unlocks the “Pro” status in the free version, enabling all additional features.

It’s one of the best android storage cleaner tools on the Google play store, that allows users to clean their device for better performance.

SD Maid Pro APK Download Latest
SD Maid Pro APK Download Latest 2020

Remember, SD Maid Pro Unlocker APK is not only an ordinary cleaning application for android. But also helps to find duplicates, exploration, database optimization, forced application removal, and more. In this article, we will share Maid Pro APK free download link.

Features of SD Maid Pro APK –

SD Maid Pro app for Android is the best Android cleaning and unlocking tool app I use personally. That’s why I propose here APK of SD Maid PRO. Before using the application to check the amazing features of this application below.

✔ Cleaner – This app is the best cleaner for Android devices in my opinion. Its filters are great for cleaning the device and saving memory. The filters can be customized according to the needs of the users for more precision.

✔ Application Control – The SD Maid Pro application will allow you to fully control your applications. With the help of this, you can easily modify, delete or reset applications. Application management and control become an easy task with this.

✔ Optimize the database – If you want to increase the speed of your smartphone, you must optimize the database. And for this SD Maid Pro APK is here. This reduces the size of the unnecessary database to increase the speed.

✔ File Search – If you want to search for a file on your mobile, you do not have to open each folder for that. Just search for the name of this file in this list and it will check all records for you.

✔ Remove system apps – As we all know, we can not remove system apps from our Android smartphone. Still, SD Maid Pro APK can do this job for you. It will allow you to delete, freeze and reset all applications on your device. And Also you can use Lucky Patcher to control system app.

✔ Detect duplicate files – If there are duplicate files on your device, the SD maid pro application is able to detect these files. And you can easily delete these files to free up memory.

✔ No need for maintenance – Maintenance will no longer be needed once the tasks are scheduled. Yes, in this professional system cleaning tool, you can program the functions to clean the device. After that, it automatically cleans and optimizes files. 

SD Maid Pro APK Download For Android [Pro Unlocker]

As I discussed above one of the best Android cleaner app named SD Maid Pro. Here below is the download link of SD Maid Pro APK file with the full procedure to install the app.

App Details:

How To Install SD Maid Pro APK?

The installation process of this application is similar to any other Android app. If you need step by step to install the SD Maid Pro APK app then follow these simple steps:-

  • First download the latest SD Maid Pro APK from the Download button above
  • Open the application and click Install
  • Wait a few seconds, and then click Done
  • Tap the icon to run the application
  • Click “Scan” to start cleaning and optimization to your android device.

There are many other functions also in this cleaner app. Click on the left menu to check them. Try these features as needed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why we use SD Maid app on Android device?

Android is the widely popular operating system. And there are millions of Android apps on the web. We have such applications based on our needs or interests. Some like to play games to download games and other applications,  entertainment apps, social media, educational apps, news apps and more.

And when we download these applications, they create unwanted files and recover memory. Even after uninstalling these applications, some files are still available on our device. To get rid of these files, we need to use a cleaner application/tool.

Does this application require root access?

No, it is not necessary to have root access. You can simply download the application and install it as another regular Android application.

Does this really increase the speed of the device?

The developer never claims that this app will definitely increase the speed of the device. It simply cleans unwanted files from the device, which can increase the speed of the device.

What is the rating of this app on the Google Play Store?

This app has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play Store. And have more than 10 million downloads so far with positive user reviews.


Here’s we have tried to fill up all information about to download & install sd maid pro apk here on your android device. If you have questions about this app, feel free to ask in the comments section. Try this app and if you like it, share it with your friends too. ????????

If you need help with this application, then tell us in the comments or via the contact us page. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us, post them in the comments.

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